Photocat A/S: Binné Dachbahnen launches NOxOFF Bitumen membranes at Nordbau building tradeshow in Neumünster 7th September 2016

Binné & Sohn, a partner of Photocat, launches a series of highly effective NOx degrading bitumen membranes on the German market at the Nordbau exhibition in Neumünster. Binné has since the start of the co-operation with Photocat focused on being able to deliver a product that truly deliver NOx degradation. It was important to Binné that their products was not of the gimmick type that has been seen in the market place claiming to have Titaniumdioxide catalyst effect. Yet the Photocat technology has in several ISO standard test shown that the product really has a significant effect. This is important to Binné as many customers of Binné are public wellknown companies and authorities that does not appreciate to buy environmental products with no real effect.

Photocat is really proud that Binné has taken such an active approach and already secured the first reference project with installed roofs in Elmshorn close to Hamburg. The project was a 7.000 sqm building renewal project owned by a developer with focus on sustainable buildings.  

Photocat sees this major launch as one of the important steps towards upgrading the photocatalytic quality in products delivered to the market. We really are proud that we have completed a development journey together with Binne says CEO Michael Humle from Photocat.    

Every kilogramme of NOx carries an economic burden for the society. We are therefore pleased to be a major part of helping the society to clean the air from the toxic NOx.


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Photocat manufactures patented coating materials for both outdoor and indoor applications with the effect to degrade NOx and VOCs when exposed to light. Both NOx and VOC's are severely damaging to human health. Photocat's patented technology is a very efficient and an economically viable alternative to many of the traditional technologies targeting NOx (e.g. bus catalysts, flue gas cleaning etc.). Photocat's shares are traded on Nasdaq Stockholm, First North with the ticker symbol PCAT. The company's Certified Advisor is Redeye AB.

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